Thursday, February 11, 2010

Twilight Valentines Day Flowers

As someone who has a niece very much into the Twilight series, I've been looking around for Twilight Valentine's Day flowers that I could send her. In the Twilight series, they are always talking about being very romantic, and about ways that they can enhance their romance. I think that she will really like the flowers I've found her, and they are from a reliable source, 1800 Flowers.

Reliable is right. In fact, MSNBC did recently single out 1800flowers for having greater pricing transparency as well as more honest pricing policies than their competitors. For them, that is great news, and for me, it means that I am going to be getting an amazing deal, because I know that the prices they list are the prices I'll pay. I also know that they've got better prices - and better policies - than the other companies I could choose.