Monday, November 12, 2007

Articles To Sell

I've got about 13 articles to sell. These are magazine articles, well written and researched.

Here are the titles - Please email me if you are interested, at

Bicycle's Big Comeback (A look at the ever growing bicycle trend)
Concert Security (Are you really safe at concerts? What else can you do?)
How To Make It Work With The Pack (More than one dog? You need to read this!)
Kids at Concerts (Should you take your children to concerts?)
Myspace Versus Facebook (What's the difference, and which one is better?)
Snow Patrol (A Look at the hit band)
Picking A Theme (When decorating, choosing a theme is one of the most important things you can do)
Big Surprise! (Beauty Secrets Shared)
Dime Store Decorating (How to decorate on a budget for any room of the house)
Concrete Basements (how to turn them into a living space)
Men's Fashion Must Haves (The things every man needs)
Online Safety For All Ages (How to protect yourself online)
Time With Your Dog (What's important about it?)

Slow Work Weeks

Anyone else having slow work weeks? I find myself with way too much time and not near enough money. I've been sending out samples and checking my job boards, it just seems like it is slow going. Anyone else having that problem? I sure am.